5 Exceptional Reasons You Need To Sleep Next To Your Dog

For some people, sleeping next to their dogs at night isn’t really tolerated and I don’t know why. As a dog lover, I love to wake up in the morning with my adorable dog by my side. While others are saying it’s not a good thing. However, there’s proof that sleeping next to your dog is beneficial and we’ve posted five of the best reasons why you should.

1. Dogs help relieve anxiety.

dog relieves anxiety
Having a dog relieves your stress and worries. They make us feel relaxed and soothed, plus they have the ability to make us happy. That’s why sleeping next to your dog after having a hard day at work can make you feel better.

2. Our dogs are our guardians.

Dogs Are Our Guardians
Dogs make us feel safe, and that’s a part of why we get a dog in the first place. Dogs are the first to know when someone’s intruding our house. We know that our dogs would do anything to save us and that their loyalty to us is beyond compare. So the next time you sleep beside your dog, you’ll always feel safe.

3. Dogs love sleeping next to their owners.

Dogs Love Sleeping
Sleeping next to your dog makes him or her feel safe and calm, just like it does to you. They will always enjoy cuddling with you. And they are always there to wake you up whenever you have bad dreams or not feeling well.

4. Dogs are always warmer and cozier than blankets.

Dogs Are Warmer Than Blankets










What could be more cozier than sleeping next to your adorable snuggle buddy. Blankets may be warm and all, but nothing can beat your dog sleeping beside you.

5. Dogs make depressed people better.

Dogs Make Depressed People Better

Dogs show and give unconditional and unlimited love to anyone. Service dogs have proven to be able to help depressed people feel better and alive again. Whether you have a really bad day, or your depression is putting you on edge, a relaxing sleep together with your dog is all you need.